Midland Vets Track & Field, meeting 2, Alexander stadium, Wednesday 30th May 2012.

Track and field results for the 2nd meeting held at the Alexander stadium, Wednesday 30th May 2012.

Again, both the mens and ladies teams were short of a few athletes however those that turned out competed on the up-graded facilities and broke them in for the arrival of the slightly more imposing USA track and field olympic team. There were obviously problems on the night with athletes results not recorded properly but hopefully most are listed here:

200ms: David Winter (M60) 40.4secs (6th). Simon Willington (M50) 31.5secs (4th). Dave Hanson (M40) 24.8secs (1st). Margaret Ehrenberg (W50) 46.3secs (6th)

800ms: Rob Mills (M50) 2.32.3 (1st). John Goulding (M40) 2.57.3 (6th). Carol Austin (W50) 3.15.6 (4th). Sian Evans (W35) 3.17.8 (4th)

2K walk: David Winter (M50) 12.05.4 (2nd). Hilary Mann (W35) 13.12.7 (5th)

3000ms: Patrick Finnegan (M40) 10.53.3 (4th). John Goulding (M35) 11.46.1 (5th). Sian Evans (W35) 12.33.5 (5th)

Javelin: Michael Westwood (M40) 13.83ms (4th).

High jump: Dave Hanson (M40) 1.65ms (1st). Hilary Mann (W40) 1.00m (4th)

Long jump: Simon Willington (M50) 4.06ms (2nd)

Discus: Margaret Ehrenberg (W40) 14.64ms (5th)

Shot putt: Michael Westwood (M35) 5.83ms (5th)

The final team positions on the night were 6th for the men and 5th for the ladies.

Once again many thanks to John, Mollie and Ambrose for carrying out the officials duties without which the team could not compete.

Full results can be found here .