Ok, its not fell running but it's somewhere in the same bracket along with adventure racing. Sue me if I'm wrong ....

I had an email from an Adrian Baily which I have posted below which some might find interesting. If anyone wants more information then I can email him

We'd be pleased to see your members at events. I've blogged the latest list at http://reentrant.wordpress.com/2008/06/27/coming-up-in-july/
Anyway, a good intro to the sport is here:


Although most events are designed for experienced orienteers, newbies are turning up all the time, so a simple(ish) course for novices is usually available, as is help and advice from the organiser. If in doubt, phone or email before setting out.

Many orienteers also enjoy other forms of running competition (as well as cycling, etc.) so, as you can see, I've started adding non-orinteering events to the listing. If there's anything you'd like me to promote to local orienteers, please let me know.