Chicago Marathon, Sunday October 7th 2018

As a big fan of the 90’s-00’s hit TV show ER I was keen to visit the city of Chicago.  Having run New York and Boston already I had some idea of what US city marathons had to offer, but I was not expecting the beautiful, cultural and scenic experience that Chicago offered.  The central area with it’s Theate District, Art Museum and ‘Cloud’ (although it looks more like a big jelly bean) was very clean and dramatic and well worth a visit.  The night before the race, my brother text me to tell me to disregard my Garmin as the skyscrapers would interfere with the signal.  This advice was invaluable because it meant that I had to go by ‘old-school pacing’ and listen to my inner metronome - it proved successful because my 5K splits were no more than 9 seconds out!  As Mo Farrah was running there was a terrific buzz in the city for the UK runners.  On the morning of the race I went to eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant and met 3 runners from my home town of Dunblane in Scotland, so I tagged along with them to the start.  As with other US marathons the support was superb and I would heartily recommend it to anyone considering a trip stateside.  My time was 3:49:35 - one second faster than New York 5 years ago!  Sadly, there was no sign of Dr Ross (George Clooney).


Full results can be found here .