Midland Counties Combined Autumn Relays, Sutton Park, Saturday 22nd September 2018

ImageWe had a great turn out with 3 complete men's teams and 1 ladies plus Manisha running in a team of 1. That's 23 Sparkhill athletes - well done.

All that commitment could have been undone as Craig noticed a technical issue on the morning of the race meant we did not have the veterans teams registered. Thankfully Craig was able to sort it all out with the organizers at the 11th hour. He can be a smooth talker when he wants.

A special welcome to the fold long time junior Izabella Thompson who ran for the senior ladies for the first time and had a very good race.

Please note the running order for some teams was switched because of problems with parking at the venue. Thus the official results and those shown here (the actual order run) may differ.

And for those who love the figures, you will see that the men's masters A managed to gain 1 place on each and every leg. Quirky.

Ladies (4x4.33km)


 Emma Donnelly 19:30 
 54 Izabella Thompson 
 56 Claire Welbourn 21:16
 58 Pauline Hygate 21:37

The team finished 58th of 105 complete teams in 1:21:41.

B (Incomplete)

 Manisha Parmar 


Senior Men (6x5.88km)

 Nick Stringer 
 92 Daniel Roulston 24:09
 Patrick Finnegan 24:48
 Dave Pearson
 87 Paul Webster
 83 Darren Riley 

The team finished 82nd of 106 complete teams in 2:24:28. 

Masters Men (6x5.88km)


 Andy Law  
 27 Tahir Akhtar 26:14
 26 James Hannon  
 25 Barry O'Neill
 24 John Goulding 26:54
 23 Grahame Hygate 26:51


 Craig Hinks 
 29 Robert Mills 26:15
 28 Pete Reeves 
 28 Charles Fentiman 
 27 Mick Edwards 31:05
 26 Martin Millicheap 32:08

The teams finished 22nd and 25th of 25 complete teams in 2:37:33 and 2:52:46 respectively. 

Full results can be found here .