Alan kirk memorial Lads Leap fell race, Glossop, Sat 19th May 2018

There is something about ageing that seems to be attracting some of us to hills. That, and the glorious countryside that Britain has to offer.

This was the first fell race that Barry and Andy had done. We were ably chaperoned and cajoled by Nick, who has a wealth of experience to tap. This particular event was stacked with some very able runners and doubled as the inter-counties championships.

First fell race and Barry's very first selfie

The roughly 10k course itself was an out and back affair with a vicious climb at the start and another at 3 miles.  It covered some rocky hillsides, spongy peaty ground and some grassy parts that were akin to park paths. The only problem with the event was you could not just look around and take in the glorious scenery as no two footings were the same and you ran a great risk of going a-over-t if you did not concentrate.

As this was our first event we were never in it to race and came in towards the back of the field thoroughly beaten by the hills and the heat.  Thanks to Nick for looking after us and stopping to keep us together. Next year we will make it a proper race - we have some training to do.

 Nick Stringer 
 133 Edward O'Neill 
 134 Andy Law

Full results can be found here ..