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Running tools
Useful tools and toys for the runner
  Web Link
  Link   Running for fitness
race calculators, vo2 max etc. and advice. Quite informative
  Link   Good Run Guide
Maps and routes etc for your favourite runs
  Link   Fetch Everyone
Tools and fun for runners, including running logs, discussion forums, training planners, race reviews, club information, and so much more
  Link   Gmap pedometer
Plot and measure your routes on the web
  Link   Runners Web
Runners Web is website dedicated to running in the UK, including running clubs, running diary, marathon diary, training advice, pace calculator, charities and book reviews.
  Link   Pace calculators and other tools
Pace calculators, race-time predictors and more from those nice people at Runner's World
Sports injury advice and help
  Link   Nutritionist Resource
Could be a helpful resource for anyone looking for support or nutritional advice
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