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Traditionally the opening fixture of the season is usually cold and breezy and Thursday evening didn't disappoint, with non stop rain thrown in for good measure the summer temperatures of March were a long time away with athletes competing in more clothing than in the cross country season. Stourport isn't the easiest venue to find and unfortunately it is also a track without a stand, so great credit must be given to all of the Sparkhill athletes and officials who turned up to compete - imagine jumping onto a cold, soaking wet high jump mat!

Unfortunately both the Mens and Ladies teams were short of athletes and this is reflected in the final team positions (men 4th and ladies 5th) but many did extra events that they wouldn't normally have done which is great commitment. A summary of the Sparkhill performances:

100ms: D.Winter (M60) 19.0secs (6th), M.Millicheap (M50) 19.1secs (6th), P.Reeves (M40) 14.3secs (5th), G.Millicheap (W60) 18.8secs (1st)

400ms: D.Hanson (M35) 58.9 (3rd), P.Reeves (M40) 63.1 (2nd), R.Mills (M50) 70.6 (2nd), G.Millicheap (W60) 104.5 (4th)

2K walk: M.Millicheap (M40) 14.05.6 (4th), D.Winter (M60) 11.49.5 (2nd), H.Mann (W35) 13.05.7 (2nd)

1500ms: J.Goulding (M35) 5.31.0 (5th), R.Mills (M40) 5.28.3 (5th), D.Winter( M60)  6.38.1 (2nd), S.Evans (W40) 5.41.6 (1st)

Hammer: G.Roberts (M50) 16.14ms (6th), M.Westwood (M35) 14.29ms (4th)

Shot: G.Roberts (M60)  5.07ms (6th), D.Gallagher (W50) 6.40ms (2nd)

Javelin:  M.Westwood (M35) 15.70ms (5th), D.Gallagher (W40) 10.05ms (6th)

High jump: D.Hanson (M35) 1.50ms (1st)

Triple jump: D.Hanson (M40) 10.04ms (1st) 

The next meeting is at the Alexander Stadium on Wednesday 30th May, you don't have to be a star athlete to compete and running on the track aids your road and cross country running.

Full results included here .
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