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Heart of England Young Athletes Track and Field League ( div 3 ), Sunday July 26th 2011 Print

Match No1 of the Heart of England young athletes track and field league ( div 3 ) took place on Sunday July 26th at a very warm Pingles Stadium, Nuneaton.Unfortunately, a weakened team left those who had made the effort with a mountain to climb from the first gun to the last. However, we should congratulate the following on their achievements.

u/11 Boys.

Mathew Smith and Jasper Murphy were both first time out in league competition and took part in the 600 metres, long jump and 75 metres. Mathew obviously a bit apprehensive did quite well in all the events. Jaspers 600 run was full of intrigue. He missed the gun start (dreaming) and so found himself at the back of the field straight away. Then he’s weaving around trying to move forward a bit, what next? A sudden burst of speed for some 50 metres, then he finally settles down. This did not last for long before he’s weaving around again. Finally another burst of speed over the final 50 metres brings him home just behind Mathew in 2mins 29 sec’s.

Non scoring Joe Dodd ran a terrific 600 losing out over the final 20 metres in a time of 2mins 06 seconds. Aaron Gallagher also a non scoring person gave a good account of himself in the 75 metre race.

u/11 Girls.

Katie Clarke (pinky to her friends) along with Louise Gallagher, like the boys, competed over 3 events. Pinky was a little bit affected by the warm weather conditions and Louise was extremely grateful to see the finishing line at the end of the 600.

A mixed team in the 4x100 (Joe, Pinky, Louise, Mathew) gave a good account of themselves in this new event for all 4 runners.

u/13 Girls

Only 2 girls turned up for this age group. Joanne Humphries defiantly does not like the warm conditions and suffers with the pollen. However her 800 was not to far behind her p.b. of 2 mins 42secs. Later in the afternoon she ran a 200 p.b of 32.4 seconds.Sabrina Gallagher, our other runner, showed that even though she is not yet particularly quick it is the taking part that counts.Well done Sabrina.

u/13 Boys

Well done to Tom Dodd who ran a very controlled tactical race over 800 metres, his burst of speed as they entered the home straight was terrific .A bit later in the afternoon he also ran a p.b. in the 100 metres.

Jack Clarke(pinky’s brother and an academy footballer during the winter months) had to dig deep to complete the 1500 metres.

Nathan Clitheroe, a first year u/13 and running his first competitive 800, started well but found the 2nd 400 difficult.

Jamie Mills again a first year u/13 was a little bit down on his favoured event the long jump,his 200 came in-between rounds of the long jump so he was unable to do himself justice.

Jamie and Nathan both did the shot with virtually no experience of the event scored good points.

The 4 lads got together for the 4x100 relay and after a little deliberation at the end of the race emerged successful winners.

u/15 Boys & Girls.

Unfortunately no competitors in this age grouping, let’s hope we can do better at the next meeting.

u/17 Boys

Only one competitor Lewis Gallagher. First place in the shot (10.3metres) started his afternoon well followed by a reasonable discus throw.Unfortunately, an injury in the 200 metres bought his days work to a disappointing conclusion.

u/17 Girls/Senior Women.

Again no competitors.


Well done to all who took part and thank you to the Mom’s and Dad’s who helped this meeting to take place by officiating in a few field events.

One last word, the next meeting is Saturday July 23rd at Kettering, can we get a few more competitors? 
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