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BMAF road relays, Sutton Park, Sat 28th April 2018. Print

Another glorious day (I jest) at Sutton Park for the master' relays. We entered a ladies w35 team, a m45 team and two m55 teams. While the ladies team was predominantly w45, the m45 team was really a mishmash of age groups. The most important thing was a good competitive run from all athletes over the 5K course.

Ladies W35

 Jane Bartholomew 
 12 Vicki Bone
 13 Clare Bovill
 19 Manisha Parmar 

The team finish 19th of 29 complete teams

Men M55 'A'

 Nick Stringer 
  8 Darren Riley
 10 Andy Law

The team finish 10th of 29 complete teams

Men M55 'B'

 22 Tahir Ahktar 
 22 Andy Carroll 
 Rob Mills

The team finish 20th of 29 complete teams

Men M45

 Barry O'Neill 
 42 Dave Pearson 21.51
 42 Andy Wadsworth 
 41 Mick Edwards

The team finish 41st of 43 complete teams

Full results are currently available here and will eventually be available on the BMAF website .

Many thanks to Darren for arranging everything and Jenny for the tent and her support.

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