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Club Training Weekend 12th - 15th October Print

It is less than 3 months to the club’s annual training weekend in Wales. In recent years the
numbers attending have been reducing and we are looking to seeing some new people
this year.

It is a golden opportunity to do some really good training in the hills and beaches of Wales
and is excellent preparation for the cross country season.

Accommodation is in a 2 star hotel in Llanbedr near Harlech. Costs are very reasonable at
£185 (as at last year) for 3 nights bed, breakfast and evening meal plus a lunch on the
Sunday before we leave. We arrive at about 3.00pm on the Thursday and leave early
Sunday afternoon. If you have weekday commitments you can arrive on the Friday or
even the Saturday and you will only be charged pro rata.

We usually have up to 3 in a car to reduce travelling costs.

If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch with Bob Perrin, Gavin Kidman or
Jenny Price.

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