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Level 1 officials course - T&F Print

Ray Morgan at WCAA writes >

I am pleased to say that we have some very local opportunities for your Club to get beginners onto the officials ladder. Please pass this information to your Club Officials Secretary if you have one. It would be a good idea to also pass the information to your team managers because at this time of year they have probably "press ganged" some unqualified parents or friends of athletes into helping out at events and hopefully they enjoyed it. They are ideal candidates to take the level 1 course.

To become "graded/qualified" the candidate has to take a course and do 4 meetings but meeting done already before the course can still count. Please reassure candidates that there is no exam so nothing stressful to put anybody off going.

There are courses at Nuneaton on the 14th June and the 28th June. I have attached a "flyer" for those for you to put on your Club noticeboard.

No officials means no competition so do your best to encourage as many newbies as possible to take the first grade.


Flyer can be found here .

Rob Mills is going to see if the club will cover the cost of the course. This page will be updated as soon as confirmation is available.

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