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Massey Ferguson Tractor 10k, Stoneleigh, Sunday 16th April 2017 Print

Andrew Wadsworth writes>

Easter Sunday and the inaugural race in the Warwickshire Road Race League for 2017, this year the event moved from the War Memorial Park to the site previously used by the Royal Showground, which meant among other things plenty of parking as well as good pre and post facilities for the runners.

The course was almost flat, a couple of gentle inclines per lap, two and three quarter laps in total, with an additional small lap to start, plus a 200m final sprint to the finish away from the main route. Perhaps slightly more turns than one would expect in a typical road race, and the occasional speed bump to be aware of, however it had the great advantage of being completely traffic free

Four representatives from Sparkhill Harriers, all completing the course in respectable times


  Andrew Wadsworth 



  Andy Manning



  Emma Donnelly 



  Mick Edwards


As always the organisation by the Massey club was excellent, prize-winners receiving trophies and Easter Eggs. Despite it being Easter Sunday the results were published that evening, with the promise of photos to come later.

It was advertised as a PB course, and as I managed that, who am I to disagree.

365 runners participated in the event, mainly club runners.

Full results can be found here

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