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Racewalking is an athletic discipline, just like running, jumping and throwing. There are racewalking events in all the major competitions, and championships devoted to racewalking.

Racewalking is governed by IAAF rules. These are simply that one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times (to the naked eye) and that the knee must be straight from the moment of first contact (heel strike) until the leg is vertical.

During races an athlete may receive a warning from a judge that he or she is in danger of failing to comply with one of the rules. If the judges decides that an athlete is not complying because of ‘knees’ or ‘lifting’ they issue a red card, and an athlete will be disqualified if they receive three red cards. While racing, athletes have to wear shorts, no matter how cold the weather is, so that the judges can see their knees!

Some races are particularly suitable for beginners because they are held under ‘B’ rules in which the knees rule is not enforced so strictly.

Walkers race over a variety of distances, from 2k to 50k (and longer in some endurance events). Young athletes start with 800m and 1k races. There are indoor and outdoor events, on the track or on roads.

Senior and veteran women and men of all ages generally compete together except in the big championships.

Because of the rules, the stride length is shorter than when running. This means that on order to move quickly the cadence or leg turnover has to be fast, and the pelvis swivels to produce the maximum stride length. This is what leads to the characteristic style that some people (usually unfit non-athletes) find amusing! lists events, results and rankings. is good for help on technique.

If you fancy having a go, use the "contact us" tab and we will arrange for a race walker to meet you at the club.

Midlands Race Walking Championship 2015 Print
On Sunday 1st February 2015 the above annual event was held at Stourport Athletics Club in sunny but very windy weather, making for rather tricky conditions for the competitors.  Race walkers from the counties across the region competed in this event, men at 10K with the women at 5K.
In the women's event Hilary Mann came fourth overall, but was the first Warwickshire woman to finish and thus retained the Warks County Championship title.  Congratulations to Hilary on this achievement.
Midlands Racewalking Track Championships, 1/6/14 Print
A blazing hot day at Tamworth, with an unprecedented water station provided! (and a very nice medal!)


                                                                                                TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS

TAMWORTH           1.6.14


5km – Snr Women


 1 Sarah Lightman 
 Leicester W.C.
 2 Julie Bellfield 
 Halesowen A.C.  32.18.6
 3 Hilary Mann
 Sparkhill Harriers 
 4 Tracey Mills
 Birchfield Harriers
 5 Lynn Bellfield 
 Halesowen A.C.
Sparkhill Harrier represents the Midlands Print

Hilary Mann was selected to represent the Midlands in the annual Inter Area Race Walking fixture held at Enfield Stadium last Saturday.  She competed in the Women's Senior 5K race as part of the Midlands team of three,  finishing in a time of 32.15.  The South team won the overall championship.  Hilary reports that it was great to be part of the event which was both enjoyable and inspiring as there were a number of international athletes taking part.

The photo above shows the Midlands Senior Women's team (Hilary on the left) after the race.

Race walking results Print

Claire Powell Memorial Meeting

29th September 2013, The Dell

Full results


3rd Hilary Mann 20.16.6

4th Lane Squires 20.22.1

2k yacht handicap

4th Lanie Squires

8th Hilary Mann


Midlands Winter League

Meeting 1, 13th October 2013, Stourport

Full results


16th Lanie Squires 33.11    

20th Hilary Mann 34.12

Meeting 2, 3rd November 2013, Coventry

Full results


13th Lanie Squires 32.18

17th Hilary Mann 33.32


Meeting 3, 24th November 2013, Tamworth

Full results


15th Lanie Squires 31.33

19th Hilary Mann 33.19

Final Midlands Winter League 5k handicap results

1st Lanie Squires

3rd Hilary Mann

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